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Horton J and Seberry J, Computer Viruses: an Introduction, Proceedings of the Twentieth Australasian Computer Science Conference (ACSC'97), Feb. 1997, - Aust. Computer Science Communications, Vol. 19, No. 1 (ed. M. Patel), (1997), 122-131.


Computer viruses pose a considerable problem for users of personal computers. The recent emergence of macro viruses as a problem of some importance may heighten virus awareness in general. Yet most people have little or no understanding of common anti-virus measures, the varieties of viruses that exist today, and the strategies which they use to accomplish infection and to defeat anti-viruses. It is well-known that the virus problem is most severe for users of IBM PCs and compatibles; however, users of other platforms, such as the Macintosh, should not become complacent - viruses exist for many platforms in varying numbers. The ease with which macro viruses may be written is discussed, and a new virus attack for the Macintosh is presented which closely resembles an attack under DOS for the PC.