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This article was published as: Lukasiak, J, Stirling, D, Harders, N & Perrow, S, Performance of MPEG-7 low level audio descriptors with compressed data, Proceedings International Conference on Multimedia and Expo, 6-9 July 2003, vol 3, 273-276. Copyright IEEE 2003.


This paper presents a detailed analysis of lossy compression effects on a set of the MPEG-7 low-level audio descriptors. The analysis results show that lossy compression has a detrimental effect on the integrity of practical search and retrieval schemes that utilize the low level audio descriptors. Methods are then proposed to reduce the detrimental effects of compression in searching schemes. These proposed methods include multi-frame searching and machine learning derived prediction. The proposed mechanisms greatly reduce the effect of compression on the set of MPEG-7 descriptors; however, future scope is identified to develop new audio descriptors that account for compression effects in their structure.