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Koukouvinos C, and Seberry J, New weighing matrices, Synkhya, Ser. B, 58 (1996), 221-230.


New weighing matrices and skew weighing matrices are given for many orders 4t ≤ 100. These are constructed by finding new sequences with zero autocorrelation. These results enable us to determine for the first time that for 4t ≤ 84 a W{4t,k) exists for all k = 1, ... ,4t -1 and also that there exists a skew-weighing matrix (also written as an OD(4t;1,k)) for 4t ≤ 80, t odd, k = a2 + b2 + c2,a,b,c integers except k = 4t - 2 must be the sum of two squares.