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Thomas Hardjono and Jennifer Seberry, Information security in mobile databases, Sixth Australasian Database Conference, Glenelg, South Australia, February, 1995.


During the last decade the decrease in the size of computing machinery, coupled with the increase in their computing power have lend to the development of the concept of mobile computing. Effects of this new vision can be seen currently in the flourishing numbers of mobile telephones and portable computing units. In the current work we investigate some issues concerning the security of databases and database systems in the mobile computing environment. We present a scheme for end-to-end secure data transfer between one mobile computing element to another based on a recent protocol for key distribution. Secure data transfer is crucial as a foundation to providing other more complex interactions between the various mobile computing elements. Following this we also present an extension to the scheme, applicable for the storage of data in a mobile database, allowing for remote accessibility of the data in a secure manner.