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This paper originally appeared as: Tran, LC, Wysocki, TA & Mertins, A, Multi-modulation schemes to increase the rate space-time block codes in Rayleigh fading channels, 2nd International Conference on Information Technology: Research and Education, 28 June-1 July 2004, 19-23. Copyright IEEE 2004.


The paper examines multimodulation schemes (MMSs) to increase the rate of our two new complex orthogonal designs (CODs) proposed for eight transmit antennas, namely C/sub 1/ and C/sub 2/, corresponding to the Amicable Orthogonal Designs (AODs) (8;1,1,2,2;1,1,2,2) and (8;1,1,1,4;1,1,1,4), respectively. In addition, the optimal intersymbol power allocation in the proposed codes in single modulation as well as in MMSs in flat Rayleigh fading channels is considered. It turns out that, in some modulation schemes, equal power transmission per each symbol time slot is not only optimal from the technical point of view, but also optimal in terms of achieving the best symbol error probability. The principles examining the MMSs in order to increase the rate of space-time block codes (STBCs) and the optimal power allocation for multimodulated STBCs mentioned here can be generalized for STBCs of other orders without any difficulty.