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Jennifer Seberry and Mieko Yamada, Hadamard matrices, Sequences, and Block Designs, Contemporary Design Theory – A Collection of Surveys, (D. J. Stinson and J. Dinitz, Eds.)), John Wiley and Sons, (1992), 431-560.


One hundred years ago, in 1893, Jacques Hadamard [31] found square matrices of orders 12 and 20, with entries ±1, which had all their rows (and columns) pairwise orthogonal. These matrices, X = (Xij), satisfied the equality of the following inequality,

|detX|2 ≤ ∏ ∑ |xij|2,

and so had maximal determinant among matrices with entries ±1. Hadamard actually asked the question of finding the maximal determinant of matrices with entries on the unit disc, but his name has become associated with the question concerning real matrices.