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Srivastava, M., Duan, G., Kershaw, N. J., Athanasopoulos, V., Yeo, J. H. C., Ose, T., Hu, D., Brown, S. H. J., Jergic, S., Patel, H. R., Pratama, A., Richards, S., Verma, A., Jones, E. Yvonne., Heissmeyer, V., Preiss, T., Dixon, N. E., Chong, M. M. W., Babon, J. J. & Vinuesa, C. G. (2015). Roquin binds microRNA-146a and Argonaute2 to regulate microRNA homeostasis. Nature Communications, 6 (February), 6253-1 - 6253-13.


Roquin is an RNA-binding protein that prevents autoimmunity and inflammation via repression of bound target mRNAs such as inducible costimulator (Icos). When Roquin is absent or mutated (Roquinsan), Icos is overexpressed in T cells. Here we show that Roquin enhances Dicer-mediated processing of pre-miR-146a. Roquin also directly binds Argonaute2, a central component of the RNA-induced silencing complex, and miR-146a, a microRNA that targets Icos mRNA. In the absence of functional Roquin, miR-146a accumulates in T cells. Its accumulation is not due to increased transcription or processing, rather due to enhanced stability of mature miR-146a. This is associated with decreased 3′ end uridylation of the miRNA. Crystallographic studies reveal that Roquin contains a unique HEPN domain and identify the structural basis of the 'san' mutation and Roquin's ability to bind multiple RNAs. Roquin emerges as a protein that can bind Ago2, miRNAs and target mRNAs, to control homeostasis of both RNA species.



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