Peter A. Holmans, Cardiff University
Brien Riley, Virginia Commonwealth University
Ann E. Pulver, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Michael J. Owen, Cardiff University
Dieter B. Wildenauer, University of Western Australia
Pablo V. Gejman, Northwestern University
Bryan J. Mowry, University of Queensland
Claudine Laurent, Universite Pierre et Marie Curie
Kenneth S. Kendler, Virginia Commonwealth University
Gerald Nestadt, Johns Hopkins University
N M. Williams, Cardiff University
Sibylle G. Schwab, University of Western AustraliaFollow
Alan R. Sanders, Northwestern University
Deborah Nertney, University of Queensland
Jacques Mallet, Hpital de la Pitie
Brandon Wormley, Virginia Commonwealth University
Virginia K. Lasseter, Johns Hopkins University
Michael C. O'Donovan, Cardiff University
Jubao Duan, Northwestern University
Margot Albus, Mental State Hospital
Madeline Alexander, Stanford University
Stephanie Godard-Bauche, Hopital de la Pitie-Salpetriere
R Ribble, Virginia Commonwealth University
K Y. Liang, Johns Hopkins University
Nadine Norton, Cardiff University
Wolfgang Maier, University of Bonn
George N. Papadimitriou, University of Athens
Dermot Walsh, Health Research Board
Maurice Jay, Universite Pierre et Marie Curie
Anthony O'Neill, Queens University
F B. Lerer, Hadassah- Hebrew University Medical Cente
Dimitris Dikeos, University of Athens
R R. Crowe, University of Iowa
Jeremy M. Silverman, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine
Douglas F. Levinson, Stanford University



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Holmans, P. A., Riley, B., Pulver, A. E., Owen, M. J., Wildenauer, D. B., Gejman, P. V., Mowry, B. J., Laurent, C., Kendler, K. S., Nestadt, G., Williams, N. M., Schwab, S. G., Sanders, A. R., Nertney, D., Mallet, J., Wormley, B., Lasseter, V. K., O'Donovan, M. C., Duan, J., Albus, M., Alexander, M., Godard, S., Ribble, R., Liang, K. Y., Norton, N., Maier, W., Papadimitriou, G. N., Walsh, D., Jay, M., O'Neill, A., Lerer, F. B., Dikeos, D., Crowe, R. R., Silverman, J. M. & Levinson, D. F. (2009). Genomewide linkage scan of schizophrenia in a large multicenter pedigree sample using single nucleotide polymorphisms. Molecular Psychiatry, 14 (8), 786-795.


A genomewide linkage scan was carried out in eight clinical samples of informative schizophrenia families. After all quality control checks, the analysis of 707 European-ancestry families included 1615 affected and 1602 unaffected genotyped individuals, and the analysis of all 807 families included 1900 affected and 1839 unaffected individuals. Multipoint linkage analysis with correction for marker-marker linkage disequilibrium was carried out with 5861 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs; Illumina version 4.0 linkage map). Suggestive evidence for linkage (European families) was observed on chromosomes 8p21, 8q24.1, 9q34 and 12q24.1 in nonparametric and/or parametric analyses. In a logistic regression allele-sharing analysis of linkage allowing for intersite heterogeneity, genomewide significant evidence for linkage was observed on chromosome 10p12. Significant heterogeneity was also observed on chromosome 22q11.1. Evidence for linkage across family sets and analyses was most consistent on chromosome 8p21, with a one-LOD support interval that does not include the candidate gene NRG1, suggesting that one or more other susceptibility loci might exist in the region. In this era of genomewide association and deep resequencing studies, consensus linkage regions deserve continued attention, given that linkage signals can be produced by many types of genomic variation, including any combination of multiple common or rare SNPs or copy number variants in a region.



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