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Camer, D. & Huang, X. (2014). The endothelin pathway: a protective or detrimental target of bardoxolone methyl on cardiac function in patients with advanced chronic kidney disease?. American Journal of Nephrology, 40 (3), 288-290.


Bardoxolone methyl has been reported to cause detrimental cardiovascular events in the terminated BEACON Phase III human clinical trial via modulation of the renal endothelin pathway. However, the effects of bardoxolone methyl administration on the endothelin pathway in the heart are unknown. Our purpose in this perspective is to highlight the distinctive opposing roles of the renal and heart endothelin pathway in cardiac function. Furthermore, we address the need for further investigation in order to determine if bardoxolone methyl has a protective role in cardiac function through the suppression of the endothelin pathway in the heart.



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