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Chen, H. & Georgiou, C. (2012). Ovarian torsion in a 22-year old nulliparous woman. AMSJ, 3 (1), 58-60.


Ovarian torsion is the fifth most common gynaecological emergency with a reported prevalence of 2.7% in all cases of acute abdominal pain. [1] It is defined as the partial or complete rotation of the adnexa around its ovarian vascular axis that may cause an interruption in the ovarian blood flow. [2] Ischaemia is therefore, a possible consequence and this may lead to subsequent necrosis of the ovary and necessitate resection. As symptoms of ovarian torsion are non-specific and variable, this condition remains a diagnostic challenge with potential implications for future fertility. [3] Consequently, clinical suspicion and timely intervention are crucial for ovarian salvage. This case report illustrates the multiple diagnoses that may be incorrectly ascribed to the variable presentations of ovarian torsion. Furthermore, a conservative treatment approach is described in a 22-year old nulliparous woman, with the aim of preserving her fertility.