Scanner uniformity improvements for radiochromic film analysis with matt reflectance backing



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Butson, E., Alnawaf, H., Yu, P. K.N. & Butson, M. (2011). Scanner uniformity improvements for radiochromic film analysis with matt reflectance backing. Australasian Physical and Engineering Sciences in Medicine, 34 (3), 401-407.


A simple and reproducible method for increasing desktop scanner uniformity for the analysis of radiochromic films is presented. Scanner uniformity, especially in the non-scan direction, for transmission scanning is well known to be problematic for radiochromic film analysis and normally corrections need to be applied. These corrections are dependant on scanner coordinates and dose level applied which complicates dosimetry procedures. This study has highlighted that using reflectance scanning in combination with a matt, white backing material instead of the conventional gloss scanner finish, substantial increases in the scanner uniformity can be achieved within 90% of the scanning area. Uniformity within +/- 1% over the scanning area for our epsonV700 scanner tested was found. This is compared to within +/- 3% for reflection scanning with the gloss backing material and within +/- 4% for transmission scanning. The matt backing material used was simply 5 layers of standard quality white printing paper (80 g/m(2)). It was found that 5 layers was the optimal result for backing material however most of the improvements were seen with a minimum of 3 layers. Above 5 layers, no extra benefit was seen. This may eliminate the need to perform scanner corrections for position on the desktop scanners for radiochromic film dosimetry.

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