Glucose-6-phosphate stimulatioin of human muscle glycogen synthase phosphate



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Okubo, M., Bogardus, C., Lillioja, S. & Mott, D. 1988, 'Glucose-6-phosphate stimulatioin of human muscle glycogen synthase phosphate', Metabolism: Clinical and Experimental, vol. 37, no. 12, pp. 1171-1176.


The influence of glucose-&phosphate (glucose-6-P) on skeletal muscle glycogen eynthase phosphatase was examined in normal glucose-tolerant Southwest American Indians. Phosphatase was stimulated with physiological concentrations of glucose-6-P and inhibited by ATP (5 mmol/L) and glycogen (0.1%). Phosphatase activity was measured before and after insulin infusion using the euglycemic clamp technique. Although glycogen synthase fractional activity increased in all subjects, this increase was not related to a change in phosphatase activity in the absence or presence of glucose-6-P. These results suggest that glycogen synthase phosphatase from human muscle can be regulated by physiological concentrations of glucose-6-P, ATP, and glycogen, and that insulin does not alter glucose-6-P stimulation of the enzyme in normal subjects.

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