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Hinsley, K., Kelly, P. J. & Davis, E. (2019). Experiences of patient-centred care in alcohol and other drug treatment settings: A qualitative study to inform design of a patient-reported experience measure. Drug and Alcohol Review, 38 (6), 664-673.


Introduction and Aims: A growing body of literature supports the use of patient-reported experience measures (PREMs) to monitor the provision of patient-centred care to people accessing health services. However, there is an absence of research into PREMs in the alcohol and other drugs (AOD) field. The aim of this study was to explore patient experiences of AOD care and to develop a PREM for AOD treatment settings. Design and Methods: Five focus groups were conducted with people accessing AOD treatment services in New South Wales, Australia (N = 39). Data were analysed using iterative categorisation. A draft PREM was developed based on focus group findings and was modified following a subsequent review by consumers and service providers. Results: Participants emphasised the importance of timely access to integrated care delivered in a structured program by staff members who genuinely care. Furthermore, participants described positive experiences when services addressed the problems that maintain addiction, held them responsible for themselves and facilitated self-reflection. The PREM for Addiction Treatment (PREMAT) is a 33-item measure that captures what participants said regarding their experience of patient-centred care in AOD treatment. Discussion and Conclusions: The experiences of people accessing AOD treatment provided useful feedback that can be translated into service improvements and that informed the design of a PREM for AOD treatment settings. Future research is necessary to further investigate the validity of the PREMAT.



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