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Ng, F. Y. Y., Carter, P. E., Bourke, M. E. & Grenyer, B. F. S. (2019). What Do Individuals With Borderline Personality Disorder Want From Treatment? A Study of Self-generated Treatment and Recovery Goals. Journal of Psychiatric Practice, 25 (2), 148-155.


Outcome measurement has progressed in the field of personality disorders. While the majority of trials have evaluated outcomes on the basis of symptom and diagnostic indices, what is considered a meaningful and valued outcome to individuals has seldom been investigated. Self-generated treatment goals were collected from 102 individuals seeking treatment for borderline personality disorder and independently coded by 2 raters. Responses were content-analyzed to determine the categories of goals people want for treatment. A total of 464 individual goal units across 4 main goal types emerged in the content analysis: reducing symptoms, improved well-being, better interpersonal relationships, and having a greater sense of self. Although the reduction of symptoms was the most commonly reported goal, 88.2% reported wanting better psychosocial functioning, including improvements in relationships, vocation, and self-understanding. The existence of the wide range of goals suggests that there is a need for clinicians to establish a collaborative formulation of treatment goals with individuals to ensure that treatment is personalized and meaningful.

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