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Barrett, E. M., Probst, Y. C. & Beck, E. J. (2018). Creation of a database for the estimation of cereal fibre content in foods. Journal of Food Composition and Analysis, 66 1-6.


Food composition data provides a useful tool to calculate nutrient intake based on reported dietary consumption. This intake data may then be analysed for associations with health outcomes. Despite evidence for favourable health outcomes associated with cereal fibre intake, there is no existing quantification of cereal fibre within the vast majority of food databases. This study aimed to expand an existing Australian food database, the AUSNUT 2011-13, to include cereal fibre content of all foods and food products (n = 5741). Cereal fibre content (g) per 100 g was calculated using a systematic recipe-based approach, a food label-based approach and input from manufacturers. Overall 1918 foods were identified as containing ≫ > 0.1% cereal fibre, spanning 19 of 24 major food groups. While the Cereal based products and dishes group contained the majority (47.2%) of these foods, the vast range of contributing food groups indicates the presence of cereal fibre in small amounts in a wide variety of food products. This paper describes methods that can be adapted for use within databases outside Australia. The database may allow assessment of cereal fibre intake within any Australian group that can then be applied in determining associations of cereal fibre intake with health outcomes.



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