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Condon-Paoloni, D., Tindall, R., Tavener-Smith, K., Norman, J. & John, V. (2010). Food fairness Illawarra: Factors enabling an effective coalition to ensure a fair food future. 2nd British Sociological Association Food Study Group Conference (p. 12). UK: British Sociological Association.


Food security, access to appropriate, nutritious food on a regular, reliable basis, is a human right and core to Australia’s future. However, it is increasingly recognised that groups in the Australian community are food insecure, including >6% of Illawarra residents. In recognition of this, Food Fairness Illawarra formed as a community alliance to promote a fair food future for residents. Collaborative community partnerships and coalitions are a core Ottawa Charter strategy for enhancing health. It is important therefore to evaluate the effectiveness of such coalitions in promoting community food security. The effectiveness of Food Fairness Illawarra as a community coalition to enhance food security can be measured in terms of outcomes and processes. The coalition has been successful in a wide range of outcomes at a number of strategic levels to promote and enhance local food security. In addition, the coalition has surveyed members regularly concerning satisfaction, communication and capacity building to ensure that the coalition has appropriate processes for continuing effectiveness. This discussion will present the outcome and process measures used by Food Fairness Illawarra to demonstrate its effectiveness and highlight the factors contributing to the success of this community coalition in promoting community food security.