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Neale, E., Probst, Y., Batterham, M. & Tapsell, L. C. (2011). Development and validation of an Australian database for estimating the seafood content of canned products. Food and Nutrition Sciences, 2 (7), 759-763.


Canned fish products are of increasing popularity in Australia; however current Australian nutrient databases do not include data on the percentage fish in these products. The objective of this study was to develop and validate a database of the percentage fish and seafood contained in common canned fish and seafood products, for use in clinical trials. Six major supermarkets in the Illawarra region, NSW were audited for canned seafood products, and a database of re-ported percentage fish and seafood was developed. Mean + SD of each type of product was then determined. To vali-date the database, a representative sample of canned tuna products were weighed according to Codex Alimentarius methods. The weighed percentage fish was compared to reported percentage via independent sample t-test and Mann-Whitney test. Percentage fish data was collected for n = 214 canned fish products. The mean percentage fish in tuna products was 60.4% + 11.3% (n = 144), 72.0% + 14.7% in salmon products (n = 31) and 70.9% + 9.3% in sar-dine products (n = 23). There was no significant difference between the reported and weighed percentage fish. This database highlighted the substantial proportion of additional ingredients found in canned fish products. Given the popularity of such products, future studies measuring fish consumption should use a similar database to accurately measure fish intake. Keywords: Canned Fish, Clinical Trial, Food Database, Australia



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