Social adversity and resilience for mothers and infants in the perinatal period: partners involvement is crucial



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Williamson, MJ, McVeigh, C and Baafi, M, Social adversity and resillence for mothers and infants in the perinatal period: partners involvement is crucial, Social Adversity and Resillience for Mothers and Infants in the Perinatal period, 2007, 1-1, Australia: The Australasian Marce Society.


From an exploratory study that looked at the functional status of fathers following birth, the authors have gained insight into the effect of birth and the postnatal period on the transition of men to fatherhood. It is well documented in the literature that health professionals focus on the adaptation of women to pregnancy, birth and motherhood and the impact that this transition may have on the mother and baby dyad. In comparison the research exploring the transition of men to fatherhood is a fairly recent phenomenon. This presentation will discuss the findings from a study that explored the functional status of new fathers who were surveyed 6, 12 and 24 weeks after the birth of their baby. Of 205 men surveyed 128 (63%) responded to week 6 survey, 101 (50%) responded to the 12 week survey and 84 (41%) responded to the 24 week survey. Over 90% of the respondents were satisfied with fatherhood and the changes that had taken place in their lives since becoming a father. The results from the analysis of these surveys will be discussed. Highlights from the fathers written comments about a range of effects of a new baby on their relationship with their partners and new baby will also be disseminated. The support of fathers is crucial for the wellbeing of their partners and new baby.

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