Functional status after fatherhood: An Australian study



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Williamson, MJ, McVeigh, C and Baafi, M, Functional status after fatherhood: An Australian study, Journal of Obstetric, Gynaecologic, and Neonatal Nursing, 31(2), 2002, p 165-171.


For men, becoming a parent can be a time of great social change. During the early months of fatherhood, men face many challenges as they come to terms with their new or expanding role. Men expend much energy when redefining themselves as fathers (Callister, 1995; Henderson & Brouse, 1991), and despite research that focuses on the problematic nature of maternal role adjustments (Crouch & Manderson, 1993; Raphael-Leff, 1994), little emphasis has been placed on paternal role adjustments (Jordan, 1990). To date, limited effort has been made to investigate functional status after fatherhood, namely the father’s ability to assume the new or expanding role and his ability to integrate that role with existing activities (Tulman, Fawcett, & Weiss, 1993). The purpose of the current study was to address this lack of research and inform those caring for the childbearing family by gaining a better understanding of functional status after fatherhood in an Australian sample.

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