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This conference paper was originally published as Jones, SC, Are current social marketing campaigns getting through to undergraduate university students?, in Guersen G, Kennedy, R and Tolo, M (eds), Proceedings of the Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference ANZMAC 2003, Adelaide, 1-3 December 2003.


In this study, we conduct a survey of health behaviours among undergraduate university students. The health behaviours include weight control, exercise, smoking, alcohol consumption, use of illicit drugs, and safe-sex practices. By comparing the results with national survey results, we test the hypothesis that university students – who have completed high school, with better than average grades – are more likely to exhibit healthy behaviours and avoid unhealthy or unsafe behaviours than the general population. Detailed information on the health behaviours of university students is not currently available (see Australia’s Health 2000, in which there are no reports of health behaviours by education level).