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Barrie, L. R., Jones, S. C. & Wiese, E. (2011). "At least I'm not drink-driving": Formative research for a social marketing campaign to reduce drug-driving among young drivers. Australasian Marketing Journal, 19 (1), 71-75.


This paper reports on a qualitative study designed to examine young drivers’ knowledge and attitudes regarding drug-driving, as the formative research for a potential drug-driving social marketing program in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). Drug driving has been found to be associated with motor vehicle accidents, particularly among younger drivers. However, the potential for social marketing in this area has received little attention. This study found that young people were not aware of the effects of drugs on driving, formed their perceptions of risk (both of getting caught and of impaired driving) based on other people’s experiences, and felt that there were potential benefits to drug driving and substantial barriers to the alternative behaviours (such as using public transport). (c) 2011 Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy. All rights reserved.



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