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Buckley-Walker, K., Crowe, T. P. & Caputi, P. (2010). Exploring identity within the recovery process of people with serious mental illnesses. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, 33 (3), 219-227.


Objective: To examine self-identity within the recovery processes of people with serious mental illnesses using a repertory grid methodology. Method: Cross-sectional study involving 40 mental health service consumers. Participants rated different "self" and "other" elements on the repertory grid against Constructs related to recovery, as well as other recovery focused measures. Results: Perceptions of one's "ideal self" represented more advanced recovery in contrast to perceptions of "a person mentally unwell." Current perceptions of self were most similar to perceptions of "usual self" and least similar to "a Person who is mentally unwell." Increased identification with one's "ideal self" reflected increased hopefulness in terms of recovery. Conclusions: The recovery repertory grid shows promise in clinical practice, in terms of exploring identity as a key variable within mental health recovery processes. Distance measures of: similarity between various self-elements, including perceptions of others, maps logically against the recovery process of hope.



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