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Barrie, L. R., Jones, S. C., Macik, D. & Griffith, P. (2010). Evaluating the impact of the Dandenong Public Drinking Campaign. In P. Ballantine & J. Finsterwalder (Eds.), Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy (ANZMAC) Conferene 2010 - Doing More With Less (pp. 1-7). Christchurch: Department of Management, College of Business and Economics, University of Canterbury.


In 2009, Dandenong launch a campaign targeting drinking in public places using stencils, posters and stickers in community settings and bottle-shops. An evaluation was undertaken and 152 participants completed a survey where elements of the Health Belief Model (HBM) were explored. Over 65% of respondents reported that they had seen at least 4 different advertisements, suggesting that the campaign dissemination was very effective. The campaign had a high recall rate and over 25% of people had either stopped or intended to stop drinking in public places. Overall, awareness of the negative effects of drinking in public increased; however no follow up evaluation has been conducted to determine whether this had a longer-term impact on behaviour.