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Wilson, C. J., Deane, F. P., Ciarrochi, J. V. & Rickwood, D. (2002). Adolescent barriers to seeking professional psychololgical help for personal-emotional and suicidal problems. Suicide Prevention Australia 9th Annual Conference, June 2002 (pp. 1-8).


A number of cognitive and affective barriers reduce the likelihood that young people will seek professional psychological help for either personal-emotional or suicidal problems. This paeer describes a study that has examined tbe relationship between helpseeking barriers and intentions in a highschool sample. Six hundred and eight high school students completed a questionnaire measunring help-seeking intetions and barriers to professional mental health source. Barriers related to Iower intentions to seek professional psychological help for suicidal and non-suicidal problems. Findings are discussed in terms of barrier reduction. Strategies for prevention and early intervention are suggested.