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Barkus, E. (2008). Personality and cannabis use. Advances in Schizophrenia and Clinical Psychiatry, 3 (3), 84-89.


Cannabis is one of the most widely used illegal substances in the world. Its use has been reported to be over-represented in many psychiatric conditions and has frequently been found to predate the onset of psychiatric symptoms. However, cannabis may also have detrimental effects on the general population. Factors that predict the onset of use are receiving increased attention to aid in identifying groups of young people who may be more prone to consume cannabis. Personality traits may be one such factor as they are readily identifiable and offer information that can be used for improved targeting of educational material about the effects of cannabis use. This review summarizes the role that personality traits may play in cannabis use, with a focus on impulsivity and schizotypy, both of which have been extensively studied for their contribution in this setting. Additionally, other traits and the potential overlap between personality traits are highlighted. The wider implications of a better understanding of personality traits and cannabis use for cannabis research are also discussed.