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Jones, S. C. & Gregory, P. (2010). Health warning labels on alcohol products - the views of Australian university students. Contemporary Drug Problems, 37 (1), 109-137.


While Australian legislation does not currently require health warning labels on alcohol products, several medical and advocacy organisations have been campaigning for their mandatory inclusion. The current study examines the attitudes and opinions of university students (a particularly high risk group) relating to these messages, and the likelihood of such labeling influencing personal behaviours, in order to establish whether the introduction of these labels is likely to be effective. Alcohol warning labels have the potential to influence behaviours of adolescents and young adults, especially if modifications are made to the content and format of these – suggestions are given in this paper. Finally, results of this research indicate that such health messages must be integrated with other educational measures and strategies aiming to internalise alcohol risk information by changing beliefs and, ultimately, behaviours.

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Contemporary Drug Problems