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Wyczesany, M., Kaiser, J. & Barry, R. J.. (2009). Cortical lateralization patterns related to self-estimation of emotional state. Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis, 69 (4), 526-536.


The relationships between subjectively-reported emotional state and hemispheric laterality were investigated. Participants’ emotional state was modified using emotional slides. Self-estimation of Energy Arousal and Hedonic Tone (positive valence) as well as Tense Arousal (negative valence) was derived from the Activation-Deactivation Adjective Checklist and the UWIST Mood Adjective Checklist. Energy arousal was found to be associated with right frontal dominance in the alpha2 (10–12 Hz) band, together with left frontal dominance in the beta2 (16–24 Hz) band. It was also related to left alpha2 dominance in the central and centro-parietal cortex. The effects for the Hedonic Tone scale were limited to a frontal beta2 effect. Surprisingly, no effects of state estimates from the tension scales were observed. It can be concluded that selected qualities of subjective emotional state measured by adjective lists can be related in specific ways to hemispheric laterality, as measured by EEG methods. Key words: EEG power, emotional state, laterality, UMACL, ADACL, subjective estimation