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Happell, B., Moxham, L. & Platania-Phung, C. (2010). A psychometric analysis of the mental health consumer participation questionnaire. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, 19 (6), 377-384.


If consumer participation is to be translated from rhetoric into reality, the attitudes of health professionals need to be addressed. Educational strategies can play an important role, but measures of attitudes are needed to determine the effectiveness of these strategies. This paper seeks to establish the Mental Health Consumer Participation Questionnaire (MHCPQ) on psychometric grounds, and explore attitude levels. Overall, the 150 nursing students who participated saw consumer participation in a favourable light, although this varied with the nature and extent of involvement. Psychometric properties, attitude structure, and attitude differences are reported. The MHCPQ displays good face validity and can be further developed and used in mental health-care settings.



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