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Clarke, S., Oades, L. G. & Crowe, T. Patrick. (2012). Recovery in mental health: A movement towards well-being and meaning in contrast to an avoidance of symptoms. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, 35 (4), 297-304.


Objective: This paper examines the types of goals being set by individuals in the context of Australian mental health services and whether goal type differs across the stages of recovery. Methods: Goal records of 144 individuals accessing services were reviewed to examine goal content, ratio of approach and avoidance oriented goals and changes across stages of psychological recovery. Results: Individuals further along in their recovery set significantly more approach goals and types of goals set appeared to reflect broader life roles. Conclusions and Implications for Practice: Setting approach goals and goals that reflect broader life roles tends to support the definition of psychological recovery as being ""the movement towards"" greater meaning and enhanced sense of self.



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