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Paxinos, G., Huang, X., Sengul, G. & Watson, C. (2012). Organization of brainstem nuclei. The Human Nervous System (pp. 260-327). Amsterdam: Elsevier Academic Press.


This chapter describes human homologs of nuclei identified in the brainstem of other mammals and attempts to extend to the human the overall organizational schemata that have been proposed for the brainstem of other mammalian species. We present herein updated diagrams of the Atlas of the Human Brainstem (Paxinos and Huang, 1995). The diagrams have been thoroughly revised in light of our recent work on the rat (Paxinos and Watson, 2007) and rhesus monkey (Paxinos et al., 3rd ed, in BrainNavigator, Elsevier, 2010) as well as our work on the marmoset (Atlas of the Marmoset Brain in Stereotaxic Coordinates, Paxinos et al., (2012)).