Food-leading the way (AIFST) and dairy products in human health and nutrition



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Patch, C. S. 2003, 'Food-leading the way (AIFST) and dairy products in human health and nutrition', in Joint 36th Annual Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology and 2nd International Dairy Federation World Symposium, 24-27 Aug 2003, Melbourne, Nutrition & Dietetics: The Journal of the Dieticians Association of Australia, vol. 60, p. 4.


Professor Bruce German, from the University of California and Nestle Research Centre Switzerland, presented two keynote addresses. Professor German explained how milk delivers a myriad of food ingredients that provide health benefits. He argued that milk was designed through selective Darwinian evolutionary pressure to provide benefits to health and improve the competitive success of the offspring. This is now being recognised through the development of strategies to promote health using milk, such as stimulating beneficial microflora, enhancing the absorption of nutrients, and educating the immune system to the presence of potential pathogens. It is interesting to note that in Europe, dairy products account for approximately 60% of all functional food products on the market. In fact, the endeavour to uncover functional food ingredients was taken up by Professor German in his second address on the implications of genomics for food and nutrition.

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