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Stephens, M. (2009). Multiple Myeloma; clinical update on a rare and treatable cancer. Australian Journal of Cancer Nursing, 10 (2), 19-24.


Multiple myeloma is a rare cancer, contributing 1% of cancers and 15% of haematological malignancies. Myeloma is an incurable, yet increasingly treatable cancer with people often living in a chronic (controlled) state of relapse, i.e. living with a low level of disease for many years. Survival with myeloma varies from a few months to decades. Nurses play a valuable role in caring for people with myeloma and with their specialist knowledge of the pathophysiology of myeloma and the effects of treatment, together with their therapeutic relationship with the patient and the family, are in an important position to influence care for people with myeloma.

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Australian Journal of Cancer Nursing