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Chauvie, S., Francis, Z., Guatelli, S., Incerti, S., Mascialino, B., Moretto, P., Nieminen, P. & Pia, M. G. (2007). Geant4 physics processes for microdosimetry simulation: design foundation and implementation of the first set of models. IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, 54 (6), 2619-2628.


New physical processes specific for microdosimetry simulation are under development in the Geant4 Low Energy Electromagnetic package. The first set of models implemented for this purpose cover the interactions of electrons, protons and light ions in liquid water; they address a physics domain relevant to the simulation of radiation effects in biological systems, where water represents an important component. The design developed for effectively handling particle interactions down to a low energy scale and the physics models implemented in the first public release of the software are described.



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