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P. Wiedemann, H. Schutz, F. Borner, G. Berg-Beckhoff, R. J. Croft, A. Lerchl, L. Martens, G. Neubauer, S. Regel & M. Repacholi (2009). Children's health and RF EMF exposure. Julich: Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH.


The present report documents a dialogue between scientists reviewing the currently available scientific evidence with respect to the effects of RF EMF exposure on children. The focus was directed towards a transparent and comprehensible characterization of the findings and conclusions for the evaluation of the relationship between mobile phone communication and children’s health. The now available report, based on the scientific opinions of the experts as well as on a series of workshops, aims to help the public and policy makers to better understand the current state of the scientific evidence as well as implications for the risk evaluation with respect to children.



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