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J. Sim, P. A. Crookes & K. D. Walsh (2010). Nursing sensitive outcomes: identifying a definition, exploration of conceptual challenges and an overview of the literature. Australian & New Zealand Council of Chief Nurses (ANZCCN) Nursing Research Symposium, Melbourne, 5/8/2010.


Introduction/background: A literature review on nursing sensitive outcomes has been conducted as part of a larger research project. The literature was reviewed to: - identify a definition of nursing sensitive outcomes - determine the conceptual models used to describe nursing sensitive outcomes - identify significant contributions made by researchers on the development and use of nursing sensitive outcomes in clinical practice.The overall aim of the research project is to develop a set of indicators that provides a balanced view of nursing care and its contribution to patient outcomes. It is anticipated that this research will broaden the debate on nursing sensitive outcomes so that the contribution that nursing care makes to patient outcomes is able to be identified and measured.