Developing infection control competencies for newly graduating nurses in Australia and Taiwan



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Liu, L., Crookes, P. A. & Curtis, J. (2008). Developing infection control competencies for newly graduating nurses in Australia and Taiwan. In Australian Infection Control Association - AICA 2008 National Conference, 8-10 October, Melbourne, Australia. Healthcare Infection, 13 (4), 160-160.


Objective Nurses hold a major responsibility for infection control as part of their daily health care activities with their patients. In order to ensure that safe practice is provided in the care of patients, it is imperative to develop competencies of infection control during the training of graduate nurses. However, little research has been undertaken to identify the essential infection control competencies that novice registered nurses require. The study aims to establish the essential competencies required for the new graduate nurses in both countries by using a Delphi survey based on a consensus of expert opinion in Australia and Taiwan. Methods The study draws on the experiences of infection control experts and nurse educators in Australia and Taiwan. It is expected that by the time of this presentation, at least 100 potential participants will be recommended by the Heads of Schools of Nursing and the presidents of infection control professional bodies in both countries. Three rounds of questionnaires together with controlled feedback will be used in this study. Participants will be asked to provide their opinions regarding the development of competencies, in accordance to its applicability and importance as essential infection control competencies for newly graduating nurse. Results Conclusions The results of this study are expected to make a contribution to the further development in international health care. The benefits for nursing and nursing education as well as other healthcare practitioners are hopefully observed.