The identification of a newly graduating nurses' technical skill set



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Brown, R. A. & Crookes, P. A. (2008). The identification of a newly graduating nurses' technical skill set. Clinical Professions Education (pp. 60-60). Sydney: ConLog.


This national project, funded by the Australian Learning and Teaching Council, and supported by the Council of Deans of Nursing and Midwifery (Australia and New Zealand) is undertaking an analysis of curriculum documents used by Australian universities to support the development of clinical competence in undergraduate nursing programmes. This presentation will focus on the initial phases of the project; the literature reviews concerning skills and competency assessment tools as well as indicating some preliminary findings from the data. The idea for this project stems from a number of sources. The Australian Universities Teaching Committee project (Clare et al 2002) recognised that clinical learning activities are at the heart of nursing education but that they are a contentious issue for the profession. Both practice performance and competency assessment continue to be problematic. The study uses three main approaches, firstly we are undertaking a documentary analysis of the skills sets and the assessment tools used in Australian universities. Secondly a modified Delphi study will be undertaken to identify the technical skills sets reasonable to expect of newly graduating comprehensively prepared nurses. Finally, using a nominal group technique, we will create a competency assessment tool for use in across nursing schools across Australia.