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Reid, M., Worsley, A. & Mavondo, F. 2009, 'Gatekeeper influence on food acquisition, food preparation and family diet', Proceedings of the Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference, Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy, Melbourne, Australia, pp. 1-8.


The problems associated with overweight and obesity has focused attention on obesogenic, or obesity promoting environments. The home environment, in particular the role of the main food gatekeeper, has come under particular scrutiny for its impact on the family diet (Campbell et al, 2007; Coveney, 2004; Crawford et al, 2007). 326 US and 323 Australian gatekeepers are studied to understand relationships between healthy eating capability, food acquisition and food preparation behaviours, and satisfaction with the household diet. The results suggest that gatekeeper attitudes and perceived control over family diet play a significant role in shaping food-related behaviours and diet satisfaction. Impulsiveness, focusing on freshness, meal planning, and vegetable prominence in meals are also important behavioural factors for satisfaction with diet.