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Chan, A. Y. C., Brewer, C. & Browne, J. L. (2012). An empirical case for introductory psychology tutorials in a large-class format. In S. McCarthy, K. Laurie. Dickson, J. Cranney, A. Trapp & V. Karandashev (Eds.), Teaching Psychology around the World: Volume 3 (pp. 151-163). Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.


This study examined the effectiveness of an instructional format that Involved conducting introductory psychology tutorials in large conventional kdure theatres with over 100 students per cia s. We maximised the u e of ~killed tutors, ' hari n ~ of studem perspectives, and cooperative k arning in delivering interactive, aClive learn ing activities, Studenls (N = 284) wilh in l'm:h class were randomly assigned to smaller groups th'\I were scaled within the same large class environment (Ud'l1l:' rep >ned posi ti e t 'rception of Ihei r learning experience at an end-of-semester survey. Moreover, lhey performed significantly better in a major assessment on III, tUIOrial c mponent than a previous cohort taught in conventional small hllnrial classes. Our fi nding indicate that active learning leehniqlles can " , implemented j ust as effectively in a large class IlJlorial for ilia I. These Illdings have praclica.1 implications for designing CIlSI dfe':livc yel I ','agogica lly vigorous instructional formats for introdlll'(OI'Y I'sYl.'hol(lgy ~I\l! other liberal arts courses.