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Palmisano, S. A. (2002). Consistent stereoscopic information increases the perceived speed of vection in depth. Perception, 31 463-480.


Previous research found that adding stereoscopic information to radially expanding optic flow decreased vection onsets and increased vection durations (Palmisano S, 1996 Perception & Psychophysics 58 1168-1176). In the current experiments, stereoscopic cues were also found to increase perceptions of egospeed and self-displacement during vection in depth - but only when these cues were consistent with monocularly-available information about self-motion. Stereoscopic information did not appear to be improving vection by increasing the perceived maximum extent of displays or by making displays appear more three-dimensional. Rather, it appeared that consistent patterns of stereoscopic optic flow provided extra, purely binocular information about egospeed, which resulted in faster/more compelling illusions of self-motion in depth.