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Palmisano, S. A., Allison, R. & Howard, I. (2001). Effects of horizontal and vertical additive disparity noise on stereoscopic corrugation detection. Vision Research, 41 3133-3143.


Stereoscopic corrugation detection in the presence of horizontal- and vertical- additive disparity noise was examined using a signal detection paradigm. Random-dot stereograms either represented a 3-D square-wave surface with various amounts of Gaussian-distributed additive disparity noise or had the same disparity values randomly redistributed. Stereoscopic detection of 2 arcmin peak amplitude corrugations was found to tolerate significantly greater amplitudes of vertical-disparity noise than horizontal-disparity noiseirrespective of whether the corrugations were horizontally or vertically oriented. However, this directional difference in tolerance to disparity noise was found to reverse when the corrugation and noise amplitudes were increased (so as to produce equivalent signal-to-noise ratios). These results suggest that horizontal- and vertical-disparity noise pose different problems for dot-matching and post-matching surface reconstruction as corrugation and noise amplitudes increase.