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Gilchrist, H., Smith, K., Magee, C. A. & Jones, S. (2012). A hangover and a one-night stand: Alcohol and risky sexual behaviour among female students at an Australian University. Youth Studies Australia, 31 (2), 35-43.


There is a growing body of research in Australia exploring the alcohol consumption behaviours of young people and the attendant health and social risks associated with excessive use of alcohol (Chikritzhs et al. 2003; Mancina-Pena & Tyson 2007). A number of studies from countries such as the United States and New Zealand indicate that university students tend to drink at riskier levels than the broader population (see for example Wechsler et al. 1994; Kypri, Stephenson & Langley 2005; Wechsler & Nelson 2008). Data from Australia are limited, although the few studies that have been conducted suggest that Australian university students are also more likely to consume alcohol at risky levels (Davey, Davey & Obst 2002; Johnston & White 2004; Utpala-Kumar & Deane 2010)