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Willis, A., Deane, F. P. & Coombs, T. (2009). Improving clinicians' attitudes toward providing feedback on routine outcome assessments. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, 18 (3), 211-215.


Clinicians have been found to hold predominantly negative attitudes toward routine outcome assessments (ROA). This study aims to assess changes in clinicians’ attitudes to ROA, and in particular, the provision of feedback from such assessments following a training workshop. Ninety-six mental health workers attended a training workshop on ROA, which was supported by the use of a CD-ROM video resource. Participants completed a questionnaire before and after training that assessed their attitudes toward ROA and the provision of feedback from these assessments. Attitudes toward feedback were predominantly positive at baseline. Significantly more positive attitudes on general attitudes and specific attitudes related to the provision of feedback were found following training. Generating positive clinician attitudes is the first step toward improving the processes and effectiveness of ROA. Controlled trials with a follow up of clinicians’ behaviour are needed to determine whether the changes found are maintained and reflected in practice.



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