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This is the author's post-peer review copy of an article accepted for publication as: Williams, PG, McMahon, A & Boustead, R, A case study of sodium reduction in breakfast cereals and the impact of the Pick the Tick food information program in Australia, Health Promotion International 2003, 18(1), 51-56. The published version is available here.


In 1997 one of Australia’s largest food companies undertook a program of salt reduction in 12 breakfast cereals. The National Heart Foundation’s Pick the Tick program criterion (<400mg>sodium/100g) was used as a target value where possible. Twelve products were reformulated, with reductions ranging from 85-469mg sodium per 100g and an average reduction of 40% (12-88%). As a result, 235 tonnes of salt were removed annually from the Australian food supply and five more products were able to carry the Tick logo. The impact of the Pick the Tick program in changing the food supply extends beyond those products that are part of the food approval program.



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