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Pomeroy, S. & Worsley, A. A. 2008, 'The relevance of the Heart Foundation of Australia's dietary recommendations for adult Australians: a comparison of views of general practitioners, cardiologists and dietitians', Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition, vol. 17, no. 2, pp. 290-296.


Purpose: To compare the views of general practitioners, cardiologists and dietitians about the relevance of the Heart Foundation of Australias dietary recommendations for adult cardiac patients. Basic procedures: Quantitative-cross sectional study. Postal questionnaires were self-completed by 248 Victorian general practitioners (30% response), 189 Australia-wide cardiologists (47% response) and 180 Victorian dietitians (45% response). Responses were represented as percentages and analyses of variance were conducted to explore the impact of the independent variables: age, work status and gender on the dependent variable: dietary recommendation. Main findings: Approximately half of the recommendations were viewed as strongly important to implement; these related to lean meats, limiting takeaways and cakes/biscuits, and adjusting energy intake. Others of importance were eating fruits, vegetables and fish. However, most of these goals were seen as difficult to achieve. Dietitians appeared to share responses of doctors, except for greater importance of eating fruit and vegetables and a greater difficulty in limiting cakes and biscuits. There was a high level of agreement among the three groups (mean 87%) about patients having difficulty implementing adjusting energy intake. Conclusions: There is agreement amongst these professionals that many of the recommendations lack importance, specifically those pertaining to unsaturated oils, low fat dairy products, cholesterol rich foods, intake of legumes and grains and the restriction of salt. This may reflect a need for further nutrition education.

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