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Shaw, J. M., Moore, P. J. & Gandhidasan, S. (2007). Educational acculturation and academic integrity: outcomes of an intervention subject for international post-graduate students in Public Health. Journal of Academic Language and Learning, 1 (1), A-55-A-66.


This paper discusses a case study of a subject developed and implemented in a post-graduate public health program at the University of Wollongong that aims to foster the development of student academic integrity and related skills as students are introduced to a new educational culture. The subject adopts a formative, task-based approach where written and oral pedagogic tasks focus on various components of a final written assessment task. The subject was collaboratively developed by faculty and learning development staff and, in addition to the subject co-ordinator, its implementation is supported by library and learning development staff, as well as a tutor who is a graduate of the course. The majority of students enrolled in this course are recent health professional graduates from South Asia. In the light of recent arguments for awareness of cultural diversity in universities (e.g., McGowan, 2005a, 2005b; Chanock, 2003; East, 2006) and in the context of program evaluation, we report on the learning outcomes achieved by one group of newly-arrived South Asian students in the communication and academic integrity intervention subject. The paper draws on and aims to extend research into South Asian students understanding and development of academic integrity in Australian tertiary institutions (e.g., Handa & Power, 2005).

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