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van den Heuvel, A. M.J., Kerry, P., van der Velde, J., Patterson, M. J. & Taylor, N. A.S.. Can undergarments be of benefit when working in protective clothing in hot environments?. Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Environmental Ergonomics; Wollongong, Australia: University of Wollongong; 2009. 35-38.


The central focus of this project is the removal of sweat from the skin, and the enhancement of evaporative cooling and thermal comfort for individuals working in hot-dry conditions when wearing military clothing and body armour. This sweat removal can occur either through evaporation, or wicking from the skin surface and through the clothing layers (Lotens and Wammes, 1993; Yasuda et al., 1994), with evaporation eventually occurring from surfaces further away from the skin. Both processes remove body heat, but the former is more efficient.