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Chan, A. YC., Caputi, P., Hilellis, S., Zhu, Z. & Jayasuriya, R. (2010). Applying an error taxonomy to examine inexperienced spreadsheet users' planning and execution errors. Proceedings of the 21st Australasian Conference on Information Systems: Defining and Establishing a High Impact Discipline Atlanta, GA, USA: AIS Library.


This paper presents preliminary findings of an application of the Panko-Aurigemma (2010) error taxonomy to errors generated in a spreadsheet training task. Data from 11 inexperienced trainees were obtained on two spreadsheet training tasks of different complexity and scored by two judges. High levels of inter-rater reliability were obtained for a refined planning and execution error classification. Preliminary findings relating to the likely processes underlying task completion indicate that trainees make more execution than planning errors on easy tasks. Negative associations were found between the frequency of execution and planning errors and task performance when completing easy tasks. For hard tasks, we found a negative association between task performance and frequency of execution errors; however, the association between the number of planning errors and performance was positive. These findings point to the utility of examining error types in IS training strategy research.

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Australasian Conference on Information Systems