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Probst, Y., Jones, H., Lin, S., Burden, S., Steel, D. G. & Tapsell, L. C. (2009). Updating the DietAdvice website with new Australian food composition data. Journal of Food Composition and Analysis, 22 (Supp 1), S37-S41.


DietAdvice is an Australian self-administered dietary assessment website initially developed in 2003- 2005. The website allows patients to enter their dietary information and dieticians to remotely access and interpret the data. DietAdvice is presently being updated with new Australian food composition data. This study aims to describe the update process for moving from 1995 to 2006 food composition data. The database for the website was developed using grouped food data from the NUTTAB 1995 database. All food groups were cross-matched with the food from the NUTTAB 2006 database using the food ID codes. Rules were applied to determine the suitability of the food for inclusion in the database. New, ungrouped foods were considered individually and added to existing groups or grouped together as new groups. Foods within each group were statistically weighted to determine the nutrient profile for each group. The NUTTAB 1995 data was used to develop 19, 103 and 422 first, second and third level groups, respectively. From the NUTTAB 2006 data, an additional 623 foods needed to be individually considered. The final database contained 23, 123 and 430 first, second and third level groups, respectively. Ensuring the most recent food composition data is incorporated into the database of the website will maximise the accuracy of the dietary advice provided by the dieticians.



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