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Jones, S. C. & Lynch, M. (2007). A pilot study investigating of the nature of point-of-sale alcohol promotions in bottle shops in a large Australian regional city. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health, 31 (4), 318-321.


Objective: The promotion of alcohol by retailers and media can contribute to a culture of excessive alcohol consumption, but the effect of non-advertising alcohol promotions has largely been neglected. This study sought to gather initial data on this important area.Method: An observational study of alcohol point-of-sale promotions in the Wollongong CBD area, conducted in July-August 2005.Results: We identified 17 different promotions in three categories: gift with purchase; competitions; and buy some, get some free.Conclusions: Given previous research demonstrating the relationship between increased alcohol consumption and both ownership of alcohol-related merchandise and reduced per unit price, it appears that point-of-sale promotions may have the potential to further increase alcohol consumption among young people.Implications: Only when the extent and impact of such promotions is demonstrated will we be in a position to effectively advocate for appropriate regulations to ensure young people are not exposed to marketing strategies that further increase their exposure to alcohol-related harms.



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